Things got heated at the White House briefing today between Press Secretary Josh Earnest and Major Garrett over President Obama's decision to wait until after the midterm elections in November to use his executive authority to reform U.S. immigration policy.

"He said yesterday that the reason for that is he needs to explain it to the American people. Why does he need until the end of the year to explain something?" Garrett asked.

Garrett said the more likely explanation was that that many Senate Democrats asked the president to wait until after the midterms.

“The president clearly doesn’t need nine weeks to explain this to the American people. If he wanted to explain it, he could explain it, just like he’s going to try to explain the [ISIS] strategy on Wednesday," Garrett said.

"It seems to me that the only rational explanation for this is an intervening midterm election and fears from Senate Democrats that they don’t want to take this issue on in the teeth of an already tough political environment."

Earnest stated the reason for the delay is that the president wants his solution to the immigration issue to be sustainable and enduring.

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