President Obama will address the nation Wednesday to lay out a plan to combat ISIS. The remarks follow a sit-down with NBC News yesterday in which the president admitted ISIS is not a "J.V. team" and also expressed regret about golfing right after his remarks on the beheading of American journalist James Foley.

The president told Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press," that he should have considered the "optics" of the golf game.

“I think everybody who knows me, including the press, understands that you take this stuff in. But part of this job is also the theater. It’s not something that always comes naturally to me. But it matters, and I’m mindful of that," said Obama.

Donald Trump reacted to the interview on Fox and Friends this morning, opining that the president doesn't seem to want the job any longer.

"He couldn’t get his clothing off fast enough to put on a golf outfit. Usually, he doesn’t wear a tie anyway. I’m not even sure he was wearing a tie then. The whole thing is just ridiculous. Look, we have somebody — it’s almost like he doesn’t want the position. He’s got it. He likes campaigning, and that’s about it. He sort of likes campaigning. I’m not sure he likes anything. But we have a president that really doesn’t seem to want to be there," said Trump.

He said on ISIS that it's becoming clear that the president "has no idea what he's doing" and this situation highlights that President Obama never should have been elected.

He faulted the president for declaring that there was "no strategy" for dealing with ISIS and now making a very public announcement on what the long-term strategy will be.

"The great General Patton or Douglas McArthur didn't talk about strategy. They didn't talk about anything. They just went out and did what they had to do," said Trump.

Watch the full interview above.