Could Mitt Romney win this time around if he decides to make a third run for president?

Speaking to Fox News Sunday, Gov. Romney said there is "no doubt" in his mind he'd be a better president than Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

But he once again threw cold water on the notion that he'll run again, saying "my time has come and gone."

A poll in mid-July found Romney trailing Clinton by 13 points in a hypothetical 2016 matchup.

Jedediah Bila asked Guy Benson whether Republicans should shift the focus away from Romney and focus on "new blood" in 2016.

Benson said he thinks it's time to stop asking Romney the same question because he keeps saying he is not running. He said Clinton is playing it "coy" and seems likely to run in 2016, whereas Romney is being very clear that he is not running again.

Andrea Tantaros and Jedediah Bila agreed that even if he did want to run again, the GOP should choose someone else. Bila said the eventual candidate is going to have to rally the conservative base. 

"Ronald Reagan had the very things that Mitt Romney lacks," she argued, adding that Reagan energized "grassroots" conservatives.

Watch the debate above.