Two new versions of Apple's iPhone are expected to be unveiled this week, and "Cyber Guy" Kurt Knutsson joined Fox and Friends Weekend this morning to weigh in on whether the potential new features will make them worth your money.

Based on leaks and rumors, Knutsson anticipates the two versions of iPhone will be big and small, at 5.5 and 4.7 inches, respectively.

This is to compete with companies like Samsung that release multiple devices in multiple different sizes, as opposed to the more standardized Apple products, according to Knutsson.

He added that another rumor going around is that these iPhones will include a new near field communication (NFC) chip that will allows for mobile payments at places like a gas pump or cash register.

"I think this could spell a lot safer shopping experience for us down the road," Knutsson explained.

Clayton Morris asked about the rumored shatter-proof sapphire glass that would make iPhones indestructible, but Knutsson could not confirm if that feature will be included or not.

Watch the clip above.

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