On Media Buzz today, Howard Kurtz and Lauren Ashburn discussed the mainstream media's coverage of the recent celebrity nude photo hacking scandal, which affected Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, supermodel Kate Upton and many more.

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Although many media outlets expressed outrage over the hacked photos, Lauren Ashburn asked, "What about all the media outlets that routinely post pictures of women who suffer wardrobe malfunctions or are in various states of undress? Aren't they part of the problem?"

Ashburn pointed out that one of the worst offenders when it comes to objectifying women, The Huffington Post, is run by a woman.

She asserted that digital advertising revenue, website clicks and the bottom line are more important than how women are treated.

Kurtz noted that many celebrities are suspected of releasing their own sex tapes or racy photos for the purposes of self-promotion, and Ashburn said that some people think that goes across the board for everybody and everyone wants their private photos and videos out there, which is certainly not true.

Kurtz raised another compelling reason for why the media responded with such furor to this particular hacking story.

"In my view, the media get to talk about sex and nudity with this story ... by dressing it up by saying it's about privacy and technology."

Watch the clip from Media Buzz above.

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