As we watch a new terror threat growing in the Middle East and worry about security ahead of 9/11, some in America still believe we brought on the attacks 13 years ago, and that we are doing it again today. They believe the beheadings of James Foley and Stephen Sotloff are proverbial “chickens coming home to roost,” and say if we keep bombing our enemies, we should expect more of the same.

One of those people is former University of Colorado Professor Ward Churchill – a man who called the 9/11 victims “Little Eichmanns,” comparing them to a murderous Nazi.

On Monday Sept. 8, Megyn Kelly will air the first part of her exclusive interview with the man who became the poster child of the radical left in higher education. She will challenge him about his controversial claims that most of the 9/11 victims deserved what they got, why he thinks the al Qaeda terrorists were courageous, even “gallant,” and whether he thinks the same about the butchers of ISIS. Kelly will also question him on why he thinks his ideas are welcome and wanted today on college campuses across the country, and whether – if given the chance to bomb America – he would take it.

Tonight on "The Kelly File," Kelly previewed her interview and discussed it with Dinesh D'Souza, who debated Churchill as part of Kelly's exclusive. Watch the video above to hear more.

Don’t miss part one of the exclusive interview on Monday, Sept. 8 at 9p ET on “The Kelly File.”

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