Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson dropped by Fox and Friends today, first "newscast-bombing" Brian Kilmeade and then bringing us up to date on a whole bunch of stuff: the new season of the hit show, a faith-based film he helped to produce, and his daughter Sadie's upcoming stint on "Dancing With the Stars."

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First off, the "Duckmen" are heading to Scotland to find their roots next season on A&E, which starts in November. He said people actually recognized them over there too.

Willie is also one of the executive producers on a new film after he and his wife, Korie, were featured in "God's Not Dead."

"Left Behind" opens on October 3, starring Nicolas Cage and Jordin Sparks, and it tells the story of a plane that is in the air during the Rapture.

"It's kinda cool being on that side of it. ... This movie will make ya think," said Willie, adding he wants to be involved in spiritual projects that have a positive message.

Watch the trailer:

Plus, Sadie Robertson is set to dance alongside Mark Ballas on the hit ABC competition. Willie said Ballas is down in Louisiana right now training with Sadie and filling up on frog legs and squirrel.

Kilmeade asked whether Willie is worried about losing the "small-town" family feeling as the show gets more and more popular.

"Just because I'm sitting on the couch doesn't mean I'm comfortable in New York," said Robertson.

He also had to leave some money for Sean Hannity after the two went to the U.S. Open last night. Apparently he bet against Roger Federer.

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