Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) responded this morning to some new firsthand revelations about the Benghazi attack that are coming out in a Fox News special set to air tonight. Three members of a U.S. security team have now told Bret Baier they were held back from immediately responding to the attack on orders of the top CIA officer there.

Gohmert provided his own take on the discrepancy between the accounts from the men on the ground and the accounts given to Congress.

He recalled a House briefing several months after the attack in which an intelligence official said there was no one injured in Benghazi that was hospitalized at Walter Reed near D.C.

Gohmert said he had personally visited Walter Reed to see someone who was injured in the attack and ended up calling out the official. He believes that official was "fed false information" and believes that many intelligence officers have been forced to keep quiet about what happened.

"Over a year after Benghazi I had an intelligence officer who was working North Africa at the time of Benghazi. I finally saw him, I said 'where have you been?' He said, 'I've been scared.' I said, 'Oh come on, you've never been scared a day in your life.' He said, 'They have made me scared,'" Gohmert recalled.

He said it's great to hear "American heroes" come forward now to tell the truth.

Martha MacCallum asked why all of these people would have been forced to stay quiet.

"Obviously somebody had a vested interest in keeping them quiet. ... These people are very insidious in what they have done to some of the true patriots out there in the field and it really needs to be exposed," said Gohmert.

The Fox News Reporting special is based on the new book "13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi" by Mitchell Zuckoff. Don't miss it, as Fox News uncovers the smoking gun of Benghazi, tonight at 10p ET, with re-airings on Saturday at 5p and 9p ET and Sunday at 8p and 11p ET.