Geraldo Rivera remembered his "dear friend" Joan Rivers this morning, but also expressed his outrage over the way the comedy legend died. He pointed back to the death of Michael Jackson, who was given a powerful sedative by Dr. Conrad Murray.

Rivera noted that Murray went to jail because he administered the drug Propofol in a setting where he had no capability to respond to an emergency.

He said the New York clinic where Rivers went on Aug. 28 for a routine procedure also did not have the capacity to resuscitate her, and instead had to call 911.

"An 81-year-old woman going to a storefront clinic getting totally knocked out with Propofol, this powerful sedative. They had no ability to resuscitate her. How can that be that they have to call 911? Six minutes. She's already dead by the time they get her to bring her to the hospital. I think it's outrageous," said Rivera, adding that the state is right to investigate Yorkville Endoscopy.

He then took us back to a fun moment with Rivers on his talk show in which she helped him inject "butt fat" into his forehead.

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