Tonight on “Hannity,” Lt. Col. Ralph Peters blasted President Barack Obama and the political elite for their response to ISIS.

Peters said that political insiders, “our governing elite of both parties to a degree, they don’t understand the power of faith.”

“Even if Islamic State, if the terrorists were broke which they were originally, they would have this passion.”

‘The Threat Is Growing, Metastasizing’: Peters on Possibility of Terror Attack

​​​Peters: Obama ‘Has a Real Psychological Problem, Can’t Face Responsibility’

Peters said that Obama won’t be able to get states in the Middle East to step up and support the U.S. “because they cannot trust Obama.”

“He’s drawn red line after red line and never lived up to any of it. He won’t call an invasion of Ukraine an invasion. He won’t call a war a war. He won’t call Islamist terrorists Islamist terrorists. This president is a terrified little man in a great big job he can’t do."

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