In tonight’s Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly asked: What is the president really thinking?

“The Factor” host noted that most Obama supporters have either changed their minds or gone to ground, with polls revealing that 70 percent of the American people think the country is on the wrong track.

O’Reilly wondered why the president has allowed terrorism and Russian President Vladimir Putin to cause so much trouble. He said it’s clear that the president is not strong in certain areas – like macroeconomics and foreign affairs, He remarked that Obama still hasn’t taken the fight to ISIS or Putin.

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“He has been restrained, to say the least.”

O’Reilly said he believes that Obama’s main political priority is social justice.

“That's what ObamaCare is all about; the president engages in class warfare, but not real warfare.”

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O’Reilly noted that Obama is also big on climate change, despite a recent report which says the arctic ice cap is actually growing.

“The other stuff seems to be an annoyance to the president, and that's why the world's in a mess. Mr. Obama even says that: the world is messy. But it's your job, Mr. President, to make it less messy and to protect American citizens.”

O'Reilly said that all presidents have interests and passions: this president should expand his.

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