Michael Tammero, host of In the FOXlight, remembers Joan Rivers, who he finally got to interview this summer. Read his memories of the comedy legend below and watch his appearance on Fox and Friends above.

WOW, where do you begin to describe the passing of Joan Rivers? Legendary? Trail Blazer? Icon? Survivor? All true but none quite capture the enormity of who she was as a comedienne, actress, entrepreneur, and a crusader. It is so easy in moments like this to overstate the impact of someone’s life, but in this case, it seems justified in terms of her career in Show Biz.

In this business it is so hard to stay relevant for sixty seconds, but Joan Rivers stayed relevant for over sixty years. Sure there were ups and downs throughout but when faced with a setback, her philosophy was to turn the page and move on. First permanent guest host of "The Tonight Show," first female late night talk show host, Emmy winner, Tony nominee, 12 best-selling books, QVC and thanks to her, the phrase “and who are you wearing” will be forever THE red carpet question to ask.

You know, when I started the FOXlight two years ago, Joan Rivers was top of the list of people who I wanted to sit down with, and after much work and courting we finally did it this summer. If Ms. Rivers was here right now you could just hear her make the joke in her signature raspy voice, “Good for you kid…. ya got in under the wire.” For that 8-year-old little fella sneaking up late to watch this hilarious woman make fun of Elizabeth Taylor and flight attendants on "The Tonight Show" in the early '80s, the 45 minutes we spent together will be something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Michael Tammero
Who else but Joan Rivers would start an interview at 11am with a glass of wine. Cheers, and Thank you for all the laughs.
Who else but Joan Rivers would start an interview at 11am with a glass of wine? Cheers, and thank you for all the laughs.