A Fort Myers, Florida, restaurant refuses to serve ketchup to anyone older than 10 years old.

The ban by Mad Fresh Bistro has garnered a lot of attention (maybe that was the point?) and opinions have been mixed.

Some agree that ketchup doesn't belong, while others point out that if the customer is paying, they should be able to have whatever they want on their food.

The chef-owner, Xavier Duclos, who worked on yachts and at country clubs before opening his own Florida bistro, defended his position.

"My burger has got a sauce on it already. There's no point in adding a sweet sauce on top of that. I think ketchup is edible – on certain things. I'll give it that much. But it's just not part of my culinary agenda."

He added, "I think my flavors work. You don't walk into the museum and tell them to change the color of the painting."

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