Do you give your children an allowance for doing their chores?

A recent blog post from a mom who is fed up with rewarding kids with allowances has ignited a debate about whether or not children should get paid for helping around the house.

“I ended up deciding the whole concept of giving my kids money when I already buy all their stuff was pretty much [wrong]," Linda Sharps wrote. "Plus, I was fed up with having a reward system for things I just expect them to do. For instance: you live in my house, you make your bed in the morning. You don't get paid for doing so, and if you don't do it … it doesn't mean you don't get your two dollars, it means you get sent back to your room to do it.”

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On Outnumbered today, #oneluckyguy Lou Dobbs joined Liz Claman, Harris Faulkner, Andrea Tantaros and Jedediah Bila to discuss the practice of paying allowances, which polls have found 61% of parents do to a tune of $65 a month, on average.

"Absolutely not. No allowance," Claman declared. "You don't pay your kids to do things they should do."

Although Claman found herself outnumbered, as she was the lone member of the panel who agreed that chores are expected without rewards, she admitted that she is friends with "a really generous tooth fairy."

Faulkner said she believes in paying an allowance but keeping it within reason. She explained that she gives a list of chores to her children and expects them to be well done, but she also believes that “a job well done is worth being rewarded.”

Tantaros pointed out that an allowance taught her about financial responsibility and frugality. To earn a little more money, she would have to do a little more work around the house.

It is important to teach children to work hard and earn money, according to Bila.

“That’s how it is in the real world when you grow up. So, why not start young with that message?”

Watch the clip from Outnumbered above and let us know where you stand on allowances.

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