Charles Krauthammer tonight sounded off on President Barack Obama’s objective and strategy for dealing with ISIS.

When Obama said he didn’t have a strategy, Krauthammer said the president made it seem as though he didn’t have options from the Pentagon, but he obviously did.

“He wanted to blame it on somebody else the way he blames everything on somebody else,” he said.

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Then, today, Obama said, “Our objective is clear, and that is to degrade and destroy ISIL.” He later remarked of reducing the terror group to a “manageable problem.”

“I love the way that whenever he has no idea what to say, he starts by saying, ‘Our objective is clear.’ He always insists how clear he is. We thought a week ago that he didn’t have a strategy, now we know that he doesn’t even have an objective,” Krauthammer said.

Krauthammer said Obama “obviously doesn’t even know his own mind.”

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