The Obama administration is facing repeated questions over whether the United States is "at war" with the ISIS terror army.

As President Obama orders more Americans to go to Iraq, in non-combat roles, and airstrikes on ISIS continue in northern Iraq, the administration is carefully avoiding the term "at war."

Yesterday at the State Department, Fox News' James Rosen pressed spokeswoman Jen Psaki with those questions, but Psaki said it is not "a useful exercise to go back and forth about new terms."

On Fox and Friends this morning, the hosts took the same questions to Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby, who started by reiterating President Obama's statement that the goal is to "destroy and degrade" ISIS.

Steve Doocy pointed out that, "If you're saying one of the Pentagon's goals is to destroy ISIS, we're at war with ISIS aren't we?"

Kirby answered that "we're certainly combating them" with airstrikes every day and believes that ISIS terrorists see that the U.S. is "fighting [them] very, very hard."

"Would you say America is at war with ISIS?" Doocy asked again.

Kirby noted that the term 'war' is a "very hyper-charged word" but agreed that ISIS is at war with "everything we stand for."

Watch the full exchange above.