Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson was on “Hannity” tonight to discuss his remark that he applauds President Barack Obama on how he is handling ISIS.

Sean Hannity said that Obama was briefed on ISIS, but never asked a single question to the intelligence community. He then said he didn’t have a strategy, then he said his objective is to “degrade and destroy ISIS,” and then said the problem is “manageable.”

“That is utter incoherence to me, Governor. That’s not a plan,” Hannity said.

Manage Problem or Destroy?: Obama Strikes Different Tones on ISIS

Richardson told Hannity, “This is a time for the country to come together. This is a 9/11 moment, this is a serious threat.” He said the government must be bipartisan and take the politics out of it.

“I’ll take the politics out of it […] I’m mad when I see my president on a golf course, I’m mad that he didn’t convene his national security team in the strategy room in the White House and that he’s not dealing with problems. He seems more concerned about golf, more concerned about vacations, the world is burning […] this is frustrating,” Hannity said.

He continued, “Four-thousand Americans died, Governor. Four-thousand. And city after city after city that they fought, bled and died for, he watched be taken over by this group and did nothing […] four-thousand Americans died for what?”

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