Lt. Col. Ralph Peters was on “The Kelly File,” where he described President Barack Obama’s remarks on ISIS today as “another debacle.”

Peters said he sounded strong, then backed off and said we must reduce ISIS to a “manageable problem.”

“You can’t manage hardcore fanatical terrorists. It’s like trying to manage a barrel of rattlesnakes,” Peters said.

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Peters then touched on Vice President Joe Biden’s speech today, where he was “ranting about how we’ll follow ISIS to the gates of Hell. We won’t even cross the border into Syria. This is an administration that relies on rhetoric for everything.”

Peters said that Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin have one thing in common: “You can’t pay any attention to what they say. Watch what they do, or in our president’s case, what he fails to do.”

While Peters said terrorists want to hit us and that there is no better day for that than 9/11, he said our counterterrorism forces have done a remarkable job of keeping the country safe.

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“But the threat is growing,” he cautioned. “It is metastasizing, and our president is doing nothing, and at some point even the best efforts of New York’s finest are not gonna be able to prevent that horrible attack.”

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