Janine Stange sings like a bird … a bald eagle. The patriotic performer recently accomplished an incredible feat by singing the national anthem in all 50 states.

Stange, who had performed the anthem in 27 states when she appeared on Fox and Friends in April, returned this morning upon successful completion of her goal to share what she learned from seeing every state in our great nation.

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“I feel like we’re all family," Stange said. "We’re all different, we have different accents, we look different, we drive different kinds of cars. We’re all family, and we all really, really love those who serve.”

She added that she was struck by America's beauty and had to stop often in her travels to take photos of our gorgeous country.

Stange explained she was motivated to go on this quest because the national anthem turns 200 on Sept.14, and she wanted to raise awareness of the men and women who serve our country and give the anthem meaning.

Her goal of singing the anthem in all 50 states may be complete, but the mission lives on.

Stange will be recording a version of The Star-Spangled Banner to tangibly give back to our nation's heroes. She is reaching out to major artists with hopes they will lend their voices in support of this project.

Once complete, it will be available for download, and 100% of the profits will go to fill special needs of those patriots who keep us free. Stay up-to-date on Stange's progress with the hashtag #OurAnthem.

Watch the clip above to see Stange's rousing performance of the national anthem on Fox and Friends.

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