The parents of a U.S. Navy SEAL killed in action in 2011 took on President Obama in a scathing letter that demanded he resign from office. Billy and Karen Vaughn have spoken out in the past following the helicopter crash that killed their son along with 29 other Americans and eight Afghans

The Vaughns have called out the Pentagon and the Obama administration in recent years, repeatedly demanding answers from officials about the circumstances surrounding the crash.

Here's a portion of their new letter:

Never in my lifetime have I witnessed such despair and such growing fear that the world’s last best hope, America, has finally been dismantled. Perhaps the better word is transformed — fundamentally transformed. Come to think of it, it’s become difficult — if not impossible — to believe things haven’t gone exactly as you planned, Mr. President.

Amazingly, in five short years, your administration has lurched from one disaster to another. You spearheaded the ambitious rush to end the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan — with no plan on how to do so effectively. Also, the release of “the Taliban five” in exchange for one American — without consulting Congress — is also on your shoulders.

You have been at the helm during unprecedented national security leaks — including, but not limited to the outing of SEAL Team VI on the Bin laden raid, the outing of the Pakistani doctor who provided the intelligence for that raid, the outing of Afghanistan’s CIA station chief, and the outing of your personal “kill list” to make you look tough. In addition, 75 percent of American deaths in Afghanistan and 83 percent of Americans-wounded-in-action have occurred on your watch, according to

And now, we have this recent, heinous event: the beheading of an American citizen by a barbaric organization you foolishly referred to as “the JV team” in your statements to the New Yorker magazine in January.

You, sir, are the JV team. It’s time for you to step down and allow a true leader to restore our honor and protect our sons and daughters.

America has always been exceptional. And she will be again. You, Mr. President, are a bump in our road.

The Vaughns talked to Brian Kilmeade this morning to expand on their harsh criticism of the Commander-in-Chief.

"The thing that we've always believed as Americans is that if you take our sons and daughters to war, your ultimate goal should be victory and that has never been the goal of this administration. And Billy and I are fed up with watching families suffer the same thing that we've suffered, losing our only son at the hands of an administration, and frankly senior military leaders who do not care about the boots on the ground," said Karen Vaughn.

Aaron was asked about the feedback they have gotten since speaking out.

"We have to do this. Aaron's family has paid too big a price for Karen and I to sit back and be silent and watch what is going on in our republic. Right now today, ISIS is a threat, Russia is a threat, China is a threat, but I will tell you today, the greatest security threat in the United States of America faces resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by this president not having his head in the game," he said.

Karen added that this is not about political parties, but about leaders coming forward who are not just concerned about the next election.

"Stop playing political games with our nation."

Watch the full interview below: