A friend of journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff was on “Shepard Smith Reporting” to discuss the ISIS video which allegedly shows Sotloff’s beheading.

A prior video, entitled “A Message to America,” showed the beheading of Foley.

“I lost two friends in two weeks,” Matthew VanDyke said, describing Sotloff and Foley as two journalists who were just trying to do their jobs.

Video Purportedly Shows ISIS Beheading 2nd American Journalist

“They had a passion for what they did. They knew the risks but they kept going back because the story needed to be told. Now they’ve paid for it with their lives,” he told Smith.

Smith and VanDyke discussed the terror group’s use of social media.

“They’ve taken terrorism to a whole new level, but eventually we’ll win and we’ll stop them,” VanDyke said.

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VanDyke said he is speaking to the press because he wants their memories and legacies preserved.

“They shouldn’t be forgotten. […] People need to know what they gave their lives for.”

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