In the past week, three commercial airliners have been forced to land early due to reported fights between passengers over leg room. The latest was a Delta flight from New York to West Palm Beach that was diverted to Jacksonville on Monday.

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Heated Fight Over 'Legroom Gadget' Forces United Flight to Land

Two women got into a heated argument when one tried to recline her seat. One of the two then demanded that the plane land immediately so she could get off.

According to AP, the woman in back was trying to sleep with her head on the tray table when the other woman reclined her seat,

It comes just days after a United flight was forced to land when two passengers clashed over one's use of the Knee Defender gadget. The device attaches to an airline seat to prevent the person in front from reclining.

Yet another flight, from Miami to Paris, was rerouted last week when two passengers fought over a reclined seat and one had to be restrained by air marshals.

Meantime, an American Airlines flight was forced back to LAX right after takeoff overnight when the cockpit windshield suddenly cracked. No one was injured and authorities are investigating the cause.

According to AP, there was no preliminary indication of a bird strike.

Watch the report above from Fox and Friends below:

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