Apple’s storage system, iCloud, is at the center of an alleged hacking scandal that has led to the posting of several celebrities’ nude photos online, including Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and supermodel Kate Upton.

Those celebrities are vowing to sue anyone who posts these images, as the FBI and Apple begins inquiries into the photo leak.

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According to Joanne Nosuchinsky on Outnumbered today, “It’s no longer a matter of ‘Will this come out?’ It’s ‘When will this come out?’ That’s because of technology these days. These hackers can get in there and find it.”

Greg Gutfeld took particular issue with this hacking scandal because it was not these celebrities’ choices to post their personal property online. He likened this case to a violation of doctor-patient confidentiality.

He added that we should be equally outraged about the leaked information posted by Edward Snowden, which, according to Gutfeld, made us all naked to our adversaries by exposing our spy programs.

Katie Pavlich stressed that this hacking of personal data is a serious crime. It doesn’t matter if the content is photos, emails or bank account information, according to Pavlich.

“No matter what I have on the iCloud on my computer, I’m assuming it’s private,” Harris Faulkner said.

Faulker added several helpful tips that can help deter hackers: move your internet router closer to the center of your home, not near a window, upgrade WEP encryption to WPA or WPA2 and always accept the software updates on your iPhone.

Watch the clip from Outnumbered above.

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