Catherine Herridge reported the latest from her sources in Washington after the apparent beheading of a second American journalist by ISIS. The terrorist group released a video today purporting to show Sotloff's execution.

BREAKING: Video Purportedly Shows ISIS Beheading 2nd American Journalist

Herridge described the short video based on a source who had seen it. It is called the "Second Message to America," following a previous video showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley.

The new video begins with President Obama announcing airstrikes in Iraq. Then a person, believed to be Sotloff, speaking under duress, denounces American foreign policy.

Sotloff had a shaved head and was wearing an orange jumpsuit. An ISIS terrorist then speaks before the beheading is carried out.

U.S. officials have not yet confirmed the authenticity of the video. However, a source told Herridge that there had been significant chatter from ISIS Twitter accounts mentioning another "message" to America.