As President Obama's second term in office winds down, his legacy may be judged by his foreign policy over the next two years.

The problem is that every time the president attempts to lay out a clear vision, it seems to change.

Richard Grenell and Captain Chuck Nash (Ret.) joined Maria Bartiromo today on Sunday Morning Futures, and Grenell said the main issue is that Obama doesn't have a vision for his foreign policy in the first place.

Obama came into office promising to withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and, according to Grenell, has adopted a very libertarian stance: either go to war or ignore the situation.

"The 'Obama Doctrine' of war has gotten us into trouble," Grenell said. "We've seen the Arab Spring turn into the Islamic awakening under President Obama."

Nash said Obama is inconsistent across the board, and his much-maligned policy of "Don't Do Stupid Stuff" ignores what should form the backbone solid strategy, organization, communication and intelligence.

Grenell added that the president's lack of strategy confuses our allies and aids our enemies, an extremely dangerous proposition given the growing turbulence around the world.

Watch the clip above.

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