“This is Labor Day weekend, and Labor Day has a history that dates all the way back to the late 1800's that honors those who toiled to build the country into the industrial power that we became,” Mike Huckabee said last night in his opening remarks.

Huckabee said nowadays it may be easy for free market conservatives to have contempt for modern labor unions because of unreasonable demands for pay hikes or benefits, but every American should have some appreciation for the important contribution of the trade unions of a century ago.

“Worker safety, reasonable hours, decent pay were instrumental is establishing a labor force that worked hard and made their employers profitable,” Huckabee said. “America's prosperity and world leader status was the result of shared benefits between labor and management. A worker appreciated is a worker motivated, and those leaders who value their employees and see them as critical to the success of the company are wise people.”

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Huckabee said that employees who enjoy their work are contagious, and happy employees who are usually taking care of happy customers. He pointed to the success and exceptional customer service of employee-owned Publix Supermarkets, along with the recent improvements in Delta Airlines passenger satisfaction level when new management came in with new attitudes about how to treat employees.

"Recruiting good employees and then training them, treating them well, and giving them a stake in the outcome is just good business," Huckabee stated. "When labor and management are partners in the success of the outcome, everyone wins.  Instead of strikes and work slowdowns, alternatives like binding arbitration make a lot more sense."

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“I agree with fellow conservatives that we need to value the job creators. But we also need to value the job holders. People who create the work usually take big risks and deserve big rewards. But people who do the work deserve to be rewarded as well.​"

"You see, having a job is a gift from a good economy and entrepreneurs who created the job. Having a good job is a gift from God. If you are the owner or manager, treat labor as a valued commodity. If you are a worker, treat management as your partner in prosperity. Now, if you want to work, but are unemployed in this tough economy, be patient, retrain and don't give up. If you're a slacker, then get a job, but please don't go to work for a good company. Go to one that's already declining, and then you can go down together.”

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