Things heated up at the White House briefing today between Press Secretary Josh Earnest and Major Garrett over the growing threat of ISIS.

Earnest discussed the complex tensions in the Middle East region and how the president plans to create a unified Iraq to take on the threat of ISIS, in order to deny the terror group from creating “a safe haven where they could threaten other countries” in the region and world.

To which Major Garrett responded, “You can’t address these other issues if ISIS presents an ongoing, expanding, terroristic and military threat to ever-larger pockets of space in Iraq and Syria. […] The military issue is before you now, and you better deal with it or else you can’t get to the rest of these things.”

When Major Garrett continued on to call President Obama’s limited bombing raids in Iraq “still a minor league effort,” Earnest quickly jumped in saying he “wouldn’t described it that way.”

“[President Obama] is the Commander in Chief of the United States military, and he will use that in support of Iraq security forces to accomplish some of these goals. But the president is not going to become the Commander in Chief of the Iraqi Air Force.”

Earnest went on to say that the president will provide resources and support, but the ultimate goal is to get the Iraqi people, government and security forces to a point where they can “take responsibility for their own security.”

The press secretary concluded the series of questions saying, “Make no mistake, the president does not believe that just pursuing a military strategy, is a substitute for the more comprehensive strategy that will be required to arrive at an enduring solution to this problem.”

Watch the full exchange above and sound off in the comments below. How would you characterize the current U.S. action against ISIS?