In tonight’s monologue on “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld blasted Barack Obama’s plans to sign a 2015 climate change accord without congressional approval.

“The Five” co-host called the plan “nuttier than elephant poop” and said the move is illegal, wrong, crazy and evil.

“To Obama, the Constitution is like waiting in line for barbecue – it’s for other people,” he quipped.

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Gutfeld cited the Journal of Science, which has projected that the 17-year pause in global warming will last another decade. He said natural fluctuation in global climate creates 30-year warming and cooling periods, and that Obama is punishing us for “inevitable variability.”

Gutfeld remarked, “Addressing global warming before global terror makes as much sense as worrying about indigestion while playing in traffic. To him, terror is a nuisance hindering his march into the abyss, and that’s the evil part. Masked as established science, this is wealth distribution on a global scale, draining our economy in a spasm of socialism. And he wishes to shame us? Don’t bother, we’re ashamed, but not of us.”

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