A University of Southern California (USC) football player made headlines over the weekend with a feel-good story about how he jumped from a second-floor balcony to save his drowning nephew from a swimming pool. The story quickly spread across the web and to national news outlets, also appearing on the school's website.

Now, the team's coach says the school has heard some conflicting accounts of what happened Saturday night and is investigating.

Josh Shaw, a cornerback and team captain for the Trojans, suffered high ankle sprains on both legs.

Shaw is expected to be out of action for at least a few weeks as the team prepares for its season-opener on Saturday.

"He's a good person, he's a good kid," head coach Steve Sarkisian told reporters. "He came to us with what had occurred Saturday night and I have no reason, no history to not believe Josh and his story and what has occurred.

"Within the last few hours or so we have gotten a few phone calls contradicting what Josh said occurred Saturday night. We're going to continue to vet it."

Sarkisian noted that Shaw remains "adamant" about his story.

Will Carr reported the latest on Happening Now, pointing out that an LAPD spokesperson has told him that there was a break-in on the same night about an hour from Palmdale, where Shaw said the rescue took place.

A person named "Joshua Shaw" is mentioned in the report, but not as a suspect.

According to reports, there was no 911 call made about the alleged near-drowning.

UPDATE: On Wednesday night, Shaw was suspended by USC after admitting he lied about the drowning rescue.