When an eight-year-old South Carolina girl heard about a local veteran who was having trouble getting service training for his dog, she opened a lemonade stand to help raise money.

Angry Neighbor Demands Police Shut Down Boy's Lemonade Stand

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Army veteran Nick Bailey, who in 2007 was severely wounded by a rocket blast in Iraq, found he had a strong connection with his German Shepherd, Abel, that helped him deal with pain, post-traumatic stress disorder and permanent mobility issues

Abel, however, was not trained as a service dog. At $6,000, the training was prohibitively expensive for Bailey.

After hearing about Bailey's situation, Rachel Mennett leapt into action and opened her lemonade stand, donating the proceeds to Bailey's GoFundMe account.

“I wanted to help him because he helped our country. So, I thought I would help him,” Mennett explained on Fox and Friends.

Bailey was shocked when he discovered that a little girl was even considering helping out an Army veteran and found it hard to properly express the appreciation he feels.

“She’s not only helped us because of raising money at the lemonade stand, but because of her story, Americans have helped pitch in, as well,” Bailey said.

“If it wasn’t for this little girl here, Rachel, it wouldn’t have happened,” he said, adding that when news of Rachel’s lemonade stand broke, it only took 14 hours for donations to the GoFundMe account to jump from $1,000 to the full $6,000.

“It was amazing,” he said.

Now that Bailey and Abel have the funds for their life-changing training, Rachel has no plans of closing down the lemonade stand.

She aims to continue raising funds at the stand for other veterans in need.

Angry Neighbor Demands Police Shut Down Boy's Lemonade Stand