A 911 dispatcher in Tampa, Florida, is in hot water after not offering to help a frantic mother whose 10-month-old son was locked inside her dangerously hot car.

Shana Dees came out of a pharmacy and put her son in the car. As she returned the shopping cart, the child was playing with her keychain and pressed the lock button, trapping him inside the vehicle in the hot Florida sun.

When Dees borrowed a Good Samaritan's cell phone and called 911, the operator said, "They won't be able to try to gain access to the car unless the child is in some kind of distress and by that point they may just smash your windows."

A retired police officer who was on the scene made a second call to 911 and a different operator dispatched help.

In the meantime, another man grabbed a wrench from inside the pharmacy, broke the car window and pulled the child to safety.

"I'd like to say thank you to them, to the man that let me use his phone, to the retired officer that was able to get the police out there," Dees said. "Those were the first responders that day."

Watch the clip above.

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