The Congressional Black Caucus has sent a letter to President Barack Obama, calling for a federal police czar in the wake of Michael Brown’s shooting death.

“That type of redundancy’s not needed,” Fraternal Order of Police President Chuck Canterbury said tonight on “The Kelly File,” explaining that the U.S. already has the attorney general.

Canterbury said that some people in the U.S. are trying to make the Brown case a race issue, but it’s a law enforcement issue.

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“Systemic racism – we get called that anytime that there’s an incident that people in the country don’t like. But the bottom line is Officer Wilson was doing his job, and that’s not racism,” he said.

Canterbury also sounded off on some people’s quick judgment of the case, before all the facts are known.

“This is not a 48-minute segment of ‘CSI: New York.’ This is a real police investigation, and it needs to be conducted in its entirety prior to anybody rushing to judgment,” he said.

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Brown family attorney Daryl Parks then responded to Canterbury’s remarks, saying that “we owe this family the truth and they shouldn’t have to wait long to get it.”

Parks said there’s no reason for a lengthy investigation because we know who the shooter was.

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Hear Megyn Kelly press Parks on the case in the video below.