Lt. Col. Ralph Peters was on “Hannity” tonight, where he blasted President Barack Obama for being “a creature of words and rhetoric.”

Peters discussed the “civilizational catastrophe of Middle Eastern Islam,” noting savagery toward women and hatred.

“I mean, without getting too Orwellian, we have seen Islamic civilization, which was teetering on a cliff, go over the cliff in the Middle East, and Obama is chasing unicorns," he said.

Peters: ‘Obama Expected His Charm Would Work on Islamic Terrorists’

Peters slammed Obama as “the amazing shrinking president, a tiny man in a well-tailored suit.”

He said that the United Arab Emirates sent their planes through Egypt to hit targets in Libya and didn’t tell us because they can’t trust us. Peters charged the Obama administration with routinely “backing the bad guys.”

“The world turned upside down, Obama doesn’t understand radical Islam, he doesn’t understand the Middle East, and, oh by the way, he doesn’t understand the American people, and worst of all, he doesn’t care.”

Peters on ISIS: 'We Either Act or the Price Goes Up'

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