In the wake of James Foley’s horrific murder at the hands of ISIS and the news that another U.S. hostage, Peter Theo Curtis, was released by an Al-Qaeda-linked group, new questions are being raised about how the U.S. should deal with hostage takers.

On "Outnumbered" today, #oneluckyguy Richard Grenell said the U.S. cannot negotiate with terrorists.

If we determine national foreign policy based on one individual hostage and give in to the demands of militants, that will just encourage other governments and groups to abduct Americans, according to Grenell.

"We can't make policy for this one individual. It's sad, and I know it sounds very tough, but it will risk all of our national security," he explained.

Andrea Tantaros agreed that negotiating with terrorists will just encourage them, but said that our government needs to have much better PR protocol for dealing with captured Americans, pointing to President Obama going golfing moments after giving a statement on Foley's beheading.

Tantaros then blasted the administration's reaction - or lack thereof - to Foley's gruesome murder and called for a strong, direct U.S. military response against ISIS.

“We should have killed at least 10,000 ISIS fighters by now for beheading Foley. That’s disgraceful that we have not lit up that region. It’s really, really disgusting,” she said.

“These radical jihadists are very fired up. Nothing we can do will make them even more motivated. The only thing they understand is us coming in and mowing them down.”

Watch the fiery clip above.

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