Lt. Col. Ralph Peters was on “The Kelly File” tonight to discuss Gen. Martin Dempsey’s mixed messages on the threat of ISIS to America.

“Ralph, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs is not supposed to be messing with the information in order to assuage political concerns,” Megyn Kelly said. “So what do you believe is the likelihood that somebody took Gen. Dempsey out behind the woodshed over the weekend and said, 'What are you saying the threat is imminent for?’”

Peters responded that they definitely took him out to “the woodshed.”

Peters on ISIS: 'We Either Act or the Price Goes Up'

“Gen. Dempsey committed the greatest sin you can commit in the Obama administration last week – he told the truth,” Peters said, explaining that Dempsey told the public that ISIS is a growing threat to the U.S., there’s no real border between Syria and Iraq, and ISIS can’t be defeated without going into Syria.

Dempsey’s previous remarks didn’t fit with the administration’s “JV” narrative, Peters said. Now, “with a wave of the president’s magic golf club,” Peters said that the narrative has changed back.

Kelly asked Peters: Is Obama disengaged or disillusioned?

'We Signed Their Death Warrants': Peters Says Administration Put ISIS Hostages at Risk

“I think he’s sulking. I mean he’s just not gonna clean his room, and you can’t make him clean up his room. He’s like a child, and it’s really alarming because he needs to get out of his snit and do something,” Peters said.

“I think he sincerely expected that his personal charm would work on the whole world including Islamic terrorists, that he just put our military on ice and said some nice things about Islam, that the terrorist threat would go away.”

Peters blasted the president for having entered office with “the worst level of naivety.”

Peters on ISIS: ‘We Are in a Death Match’

Now, he said, “Our allies don’t trust us, our enemies don’t fear us, and you can’t blame that on Bush.”

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