In tonight’s Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly remarked that the world is becoming more dangerous under the Obama administration.

Russian tanks have moved into southeastern Ukraine, according to reports, and a Chinese warplane buzzed a U.S. Navy surveillance jet this weekend. Meanwhile, ISIS has captured an air base in Syria.

O’Reilly said that President Barack Obama doesn’t know how to deal with ISIS.

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“That’s disturbing because the USA should be doing everything in its power to crush those savages,” he said, adding that “America has been equivocating about this threat for far too long.”

The problem, O’Reilly said, is that Obama doesn’t anticipate dangerous situations.

“Therefore, the terror threat is rising, and villains like Putin are gaining power. It’s just a matter of time before America is harmed by bad people. The murder of journalist James Foley was just a preview of what is very likely to continue to happen on a far greater scale.”

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O’Reilly said that Obama must become more aggressive in blunting threats, and we the people must start paying attention.

Watch the Talking Points Memo and hear Charles Krauthammer react in the video above.