President Obama is back in Washington today after his much-criticized vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, and one of most pressing crises the administration must address is the confusion caused by senior White House officials' mixed messages on the threat of ISIS.

On Thursday, Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that ISIS cannot be defeated without attacking in Syria. In the days since, however, officials have not been so sure.

Ed Henry joined Shannon Bream on "The Real Story" today to report on the president's return and how the administration plans to deal with ISIS.

Henry played a clip of him pressing White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest earlier today if the president agreed with Gen. Dempsey's comments that the U.S. must go into Syria to defeat ISIS. Earnest did not clarify if Obama agrees or not and vaguely stated that "there are more tools in the toolbox than brute military force."

Henry also noted that Earnest attempted to explain the infamous "JV squad" remarks the president made several months ago about al Qaeda offshoots such as ISIS.

Earnest explained that the president wasn't singling out ISIS as a low-level threat, but was speaking about a range of extremist groups, many of which do not have the ability or ambition to attack the U.S. homeland like al Qaeda did.

According to Henry, many Republicans have said this is simply the president attempting to make it appear that he did not underestimate the threat of ISIS.

“Bottom line," Henry concluded, "the president’s vacation is over. Right back into the fire now.”

Watch the clip above.

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