A supporter of Officer Darren Wilson spoke out tonight on “The Kelly File.”

Robin Clearmountain said her father was a civil rights activist on the forefront of early St. Louis politics and said that she grew up with police officers in her home, seeing the camaraderie between them and her father.

Megyn Kelly asked her why we aren’t seeing more support from African Americans for Wilson’s right to at least tell his story.

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Clearmountain said that there is a historical context that goes back to slavery, citing a longstanding tension between law enforcement and African Americans. But she said that at some point, you have to give people a chance.

“As far as I’m concerned, anyone willing to take a bullet for me or to jump in and save me from a catastrophic situation, that is family to me, and I have to support these people for the job they do, and as far as I’m concerned there isn’t enough money in the world to pay them for what they do, and I’m not ashamed or afraid to say that,” she said.

Clearmountain also weighed in on people’s concerns that there won’t be a fair trial under Prosecutor Bob McCulloch.

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“That level of paranoia, mistrust is very disturbing to me,” she said.

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