“Between rounds of golf and yukking it up with his well-heeled wealthy pals on Martha's Vineyard, the president slipped on a blazer and pretended to be president for a few brief minutes,” Mike Huckabee said last night in his opening remarks.

Huckabee said Obama lamented the beheading of American journalist James Foley, made a call to his family and was back on the links in less than 10 minutes.

“A president deserves a vacation, but America deserves a president who puts the security of the American people above his own personal recreational pursuits,” Huckabee remarked.

Huckabee Blasts Obama for 'Simmering & Summering at Martha's Vineyard'

In the meantime, Hamas murdered 18 people because the group suspected that they had cooperated with Israel. The terror group has vowed to continue killing Israelis. Huckabee noted that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would probably love a vacation, but he has stayed on the job to keep his people safe.

Huckabee said Kurds in Iraq fight for their lives against ISIS, and our southern border has become an open door. So what should the president do?

“That famous phone and pen he loves to use? He ought to use the pen to make a list of the world leaders of nations who can't afford for ISIS to take over the world. And then he ought to take his famous phone and instead of making up law, he ought to be calling those world leaders and ask if they will join in an international effort to eradicate the cancer of ISIS,” Huckabee said.

Huckabee Challenges Obama: 'Who's Going to Die? ISIS or Freedom?'

“Americans should make it clear: we'll fight ISIS with all we have, but we will not shed the blood of one more American man or woman when those closest to the fight refuse to so much as throw a stone to stop these mad dogs of evil," he said. Huckabee said the U.S. should rescue Christians and Yazidis and stand with our true allies who are fighting for their lives, but we should stop "dying for countries whose Muslim leaders are too timid to take on their radicalized brothers."

"But we can't foolishly and naively keep believing that what is happening in Israel or Iraq or Syria just doesn't touch us. That's a dangerously doofus policy. If these radical Muslim groups take all of Iraq, Israel, and the entire Middle East, they aren't going to say, 'Well, that's it. It's all we wanted!' They want us. And if we're too blind to see it or too busy playing golf to deal with it, then we'll pay for it with the blood of our children and grandchildren.”

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