In the wake of the announcement that the Obama administration is opening a criminal investigation into American James Foley’s horrific murder at the hands of ISIS, some are wondering if America is falling into a pre-9/11 mentality and "taking our eye off the ball" in the fight against terrorism.

On "Outnumbered" today, Andrea Tantaros said President Obama should not treat acts of terrorism as law enforcement issues, as Foley's beheading was an act of war against our country.

"This [ISIS] terrorist needs to be hunted down and killed, either by the United States or one of our allies,” Tantaros stated.

She said this is another example that the president is ineffective at dealing with crises and has very little desire to get involved in the Middle East.

Harris Faulkner pointed that out Obama's presidency has been six years of crisis after crisis, many of them in the Middle East. "Shouldn’t he have experience by now?" she asked.

Tantaros stated that Obama has the same response to every scandal, from the IRS to the VA to the brutal murder of Foley: Retreat, play golf and issue a mealy-mouthed statement that doesn't actually address any issues.

“We haven’t seen any repercussions from any of the scandals ... and frankly this is no different," Tantaros concluded.

Watch the clip above.

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