Mike Huckabee joined Stuart Varney on "Your World" today to discuss the failings of President Obama's foreign policy, including the potentially illegal prisoner swap with the Taliban for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and an insufficient response to the atrocities of ISIS in the Middle East.

Huckabee said that Obama violated a 30-day rule before the release of Bergdahl because he did not notify relevant congressional committees of the plan 30 days in advance.

“When you are the chief executive of the country, your job is to carry out the laws," Huckabee said. "If you don’t even obey them, it’s hard for you to enforce them upon others."

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Huckabee also thinks the president does not fully understand the threat posed by ISIS, which is not limited to Iraq or Syria.

He pointed out that many ISIS recruits are pouring into those countries from abroad, and it's very possible that those recruits return to their homelands with deadly intent.

“[ISIS] is a group that is not about tribal conquest. It is about global conquest," Huckabee stated. "When we wake up and understand that we might have a fighting chance at defeating them.”

Watch the clip above.

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