Some of our nation’s heroes are teaming up with top players and coaches from Team USA Basketball as part of the "Hoops for Troops" program.

Earlier this week, Derrick Rose, Coach Mike Krzyzewski and more of the biggest names in basketball visited West Point. The team spent time with more than 4,000 U.S. military members and their families, including a tour of the campus, a meal in the mess hall and a practice that was televised live on ESPN2.

On "The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson" today, Jerry Colangelo, Chairman of USA Basketball, said the team is composed of proud Americans, just like our brave servicemen and women, and it's their honor to take part in the "Hoops for Troops" program.

“This is a small way that we can support them and give back. We’re really entwined with the U.S. military around the world," Colangelo said, adding that Team USA Basketball regularly travels to military bases to visit the troops.

“Basketball is the No. 1 sport in the military," he explained. "They love the game.”

Colangelo also talked about an emotional exchange of dog tags between Team USA and the troops at the conclusion of their visit to West Point.

He said the team will carry those tags with them as they travel around the world, starting with a trip to Spain this weekend.

“More than symbolic, it was tying the knot between the military and USA basketball.”

Watch the clip above.

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