A day of rock climbing for three friends nearly turned deadly when one of them plummeted 100 feet down a Colorado glacier. Miraculously, Dylan Schuetz landed on his feet! The climber said it’s all thanks to his gymnastics ability.

Fox and Friends spoke to Matt Campbell, Schuetz’s friend who witnessed the harrowing ordeal.

When Schuetz slipped and fell head first, he quickly did a mid-air flip and tried to grab onto rocks. After landing on his feet, his friends rushed to his side. 

While comforting Schuetz before the helicopter arrived, the three friends made a pact: never to go free-climbing again.

Campbell said, “It’s a horrible experience and we don’t want to go through it again. If we ever go climbing, it would be in a controlled environment with ropes and harnesses."

Schuetz has had surgeries on his knees and femurs, and will undergo a surgery today on his ankle.

“Good news is that he’s not going to be paralyzed, and we’re going to get him right back into gymnastics and he’ll be flipping soon enough,” Campbell said.

Giving credit to a higher power, Campbell is thankful his friend will recover, saying, “He had some angels or something along those lines to save his life.”