President Obama is facing criticism for playing golf mere minutes after delivering remarks on American journalist James Foley, who was gruesomely beheaded by ISIS.

Former CIA officials Michael Scheuer and Lt. Col. Bill Cowan appeared on "Hannity" to react.

"Nero fiddles while Rome burns," Cowan said. "I think this president could care less about all the threats we face."

He added that while the president hopes to skate through his last two years in office, the U.S. faces a threat unlike any other from ISIS.

“’Jihadi John’ is one of hundreds of foreigners, including Americans, who have passports and can travel freely,” he said.

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Scheuer, former head of the CIA's Osama bin Laden unit, said Obama doesn't understand anything about what's going on in the world.

He characterized Obama as a "Harvard intellectual" who doesn't want to face very real, very dangerous global problems.

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Scheuer said that radical Islam is growing and evolving and al Qaeda is now only a small part of a much larger, self-perpetuating movement that includes ISIS and many other terror groups.

He said the next step for ISIS is the final stage of an insurgency: the formation of battle-hardened units that fight like a conventional military force.

He concluded that the U.S. won't do anything about that because it would necessitate us confronting our issues with Israel, Saudi Arabia and our lack of energy independence.

Watch the clip above.

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