Megyn Kelly tonight discussed the situation in Ferguson, where the streets are again filled with protesters who are calling for justice in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

“Not justice, period, but justice for Michael Brown, who may very well be the victim of murder at the hands of an out-of-control cop or may be a young man who committed a robbery and then went on to brutally assault a police officer, causing that cop to fear for his life. All of this will be determined by the justice system, where both sides will be eventually be heard,” Kelly said.

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But in Ferguson tonight, Kelly noted that “there appears to be little appetite for listening to both sides.” Anger erupted when two people showed up in Ferguson, appearing to defend Officer Darren Wilson’s rights.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon called for “vigorous prosecution” in the case, and a state senator warned the prosecutor that this past week’s rioting “will seem like a picnic compared to the havoc that will likely occur” if the officer isn’t indicted.

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“The protesters in Ferguson chant, ‘No justice, no peace.’ But justice is supposed to be blind to the will of a community, a state senator, even a governor,” she said.

Watch Kelly’s opening remarks above.