Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) reacted this morning to the execution of an American journalist by ISIS, arguing that the growth of ISIS is a direct result of President Obama's decision to leave no residual U.S. force in Iraq.

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Obama has said recently that the Iraqi government would not agree on a deal to leave some U.S. troops in the country. McCain disputed that, saying the president always "wanted out of Iraq."

"He's not telling the truth when he says he wanted to leave a residual force behind. He did not and that was a huge mistake. These things are not like earthquakes or hurricanes. Failures of policies have consequences and we are paying those consequences in an enormous cost of human blood and it's a debacle," said McCain.

McCain said there needs to be more U.S. boots on the ground, though that doesn't necessarily mean "combat troops," in order to defeat ISIS. McCain criticized Obama saying we have to "contain" ISIS, rather than defeat them.

"I hope that this tragic thing that happened with James Foley will serve as a strong message to the United States of America that these people are going to attack us in the United States of America. You know what Baghdadi said when he left our Camp Bucca: 'see ya in New York,'" McCain explained, calling for a "comprehensive strategy" to be explained to the American people.

Bill Hemmer asked why the administration chose to release the information that U.S. special operators had failed to free Foley in a rescue mission.

McCain called it "PR" by the administration, pointing back to all of the "unnecessary" leaks that occurred after the Usama bin Laden raid.