As we learn more about the attempt to rescue the American journalist beheaded by ISIS, friends and family are remembering James Foley as a loving person who wanted to help others.

Two Years Missing: Family of Journalist Kidnapped in Syria Talks to Fox News

Obama Slammed for Golfing Minutes After Remarks on Foley Execution

This morning, Attorney General Eric Holder's Justice Department opened a criminal investigation into the execution, which was recorded and posted online.

In a press conference yesterday, his parents Diane and John begged their son’s captors for “compassion and mercy” and called for the release of another American journalist, Steven Sotloff.

Fox and Friends spoke to a close friend of Foley, Matthew VanDyke. He recalled how Foley was determined to continue reporting on the conflict in the Middle East even after his first abduction in 2011.

“He was honest, he was hardworking, he had a real passion for what he did,” VanDyke said. “Even after Libya, when he was captured by the regime, he went right back to report on the same conflict and then on to Syria.”

In the spring of 2013, ISIS became a more influential group region. That’s when VanDyke said everything changed.

“Syria became a black hole for foreigners. Journalists would go in and disappear, including […] Steven Sotloff as well, who is also on the video. You know, you would be talking to somebody one day on Facebook or email, and the next day you would never hear from them again,” he said.

When asked how the United States government should be handling ISIS, VanDyke responded, “Destroy ISIS as quickly as possible."

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Obama Slammed for Golfing Minutes After Remarks on Foley Execution