On "Hannity" tonight, Juan Williams and Kevin Jackson joined Sean to discuss the latest developments in Ferguson, Missouri, including different narratives on what occurred between Officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown on the fateful day that Brown was fatally shot.

Jackson said a lot of the controversy surrounding this case comes from the media coverage that painted Brown as an innocent kid who was murdered in cold-blood.

“I think the left got in front of this thing,” Jackson stated, adding that it can be difficult for the media to change an established narrative.

Hannity pointed out that these are "diametrically opposed stories." Either Brown had his hands in the air in surrender or he bum-rushed Officer Wilson after punching him and causing facial fractures.

Williams said handheld videos of the aftermath of the shooting show Officer Wilson with no signs of injury. He added that no attack should have necessitated Brown being shot six times.

Jackson countered that, “The left set the narrative of how great a kid Michael Brown was and how destructive this cop was and how he was obviously on a hunt for black people. And that’s what’s destructive.”

Hannity said Williams has already made up his mind as “judge, jury and executioner” that Officer Wilson was 100% wrong to shoot Brown.

“You have reached a judgment without even half the facts," Hannity said to Williams. "I do not know what happened and nor do you.”

Watch the clip above.

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