Fox and Friends told a heartwarming story this morning out of Ohio, where a bride-to-be refused to get married without her father there by her side. Miriam Davis, who lives in Michigan, was planning for the wedding to be at her local church, but knew that meant her father would not be able to attend.

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Bernard Reeves, 64, is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's, living at a care facility in Toledo. So Miriam and her fiance brought the wedding to him, getting married at the care facility so that Bernard could walk her down the aisle.

Miriam told Clayton and Anna this morning that she felt taking her father out the home could be overwhelming for him and possibly dangerous. She still had some concerns going in, but everything worked out OK.

"It was amazing. ... As soon as we hit the doors, he smiled and I just knew it was going to be OK. He stood there and he sat through the ceremony and it just meant everything to me. And I was crying too," she said.

Davis explained that her wedding "wouldn't mean much" if her father wasn't there. She calls her dad, a Vietnam veteran who's been living with the disease for nearly a decade, "my hero my entire life."

Check out the uplifting segment above.

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