In yesterday’s powerful Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly blasted NBC News for "paying Al Sharpton to deliver garbage."

Tonight, guest host Greg Gutfeld was joined by Horace Cooper and Hilary Shelton to react to that Talking Points Memo and the most recent events in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Cooper said that Sharpton, with his questionable past and volatile style, is not the man to help race relations, but the one to blow them up and halt any progress that could potentially be made.

Shelton said Sharpton, looting and black-on-black crime are not the main issues here. Police-community relations are. "It's a blue vs. black issue," he stated.

Shelton pointed to the very skewed stats of a predominantly African-American community with a predominantly white police force in Ferguson.

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Cooper disagreed and called that a deflection from the real issue, which has been the rush to judgment from everyone, including the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Gov. Jay Nixon and the media.

"If the Justice Department and the NAACP and the other agitators are so concerned, they can go and look at the racial makeup of communities all across the country and ask to have meetings and come up with solutions," Cooper said.

"What they have done instead is try to exploit this situation."

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